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What is White Label Property Management?

How to Scale Your Letting Business Seamlessly with White Label Property Management

As a letting agent, you understand the importance of providing an exceptional service for your clients. However, to maintain this level of service requires a lot of work. Finding tenants, managing properties, and ensuring your landlord’s receive exceptional service – it’s a demanding role, and sometimes it can feel impossible to do it all yourself.

This is where white label property management comes in. It’s a solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing business, operating under your brand name to ensure a consistent customer experience every time. This frees you up to focus on what matters most – growing your lettings portfolio.

What is White Label Property Management?

White label property management, or outsourced property management, is a service offered by Marland Property Management that allows letting agents to outsource their property management needs. This means that we can handle all of the day-to-day tasks associated with managing your properties, such as:

  • Rent collection and arrears management
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Property inspections
  • Security deposits
  • Tenant communication
  • Legal compliance
  • Property licensing
  • Gas Safety and EICR certificates
  • Accounting services

How Can Letting Agents Benefit from White Label Property Management?

Grow your lettings portfolio without burden

By outsourcing property management, you can scale your business without the significant expense of hiring and training staff. This frees up your time to acquire new clients and properties, leading to faster growth.

Improved Customer Service

We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to both letting agents and tenants, helping you to improve your client satisfaction and retention rates.

Focus on your strengths

Are you a pro at finding the right tenants, but struggle with the day-to-day demands of property management? Outsourcing your property management allows you to focus on your strengths and close more deals.

Cost-effective expertise

Hiring an experienced property manager is expensive, particularly for smaller agencies. White label property management services offer access to a team of experienced professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Seamless integration

White label property management services seamlessly integrate with your current system. They will use your domain, email address and a dedicated phone number to ensure an uninterrupted transition for your existing clients and a smooth onboarding process for new ones.


Why Choose Marland Property Management?

Marland Property Management is a leading provider of white label property management services in London and the South East of England. We have a trusted team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing an unparalleled service. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of letting agents of all sizes.

If you are a letting agent who is looking to improve your efficiency, customer service, and profitability, white label property management is an ideal, cost-effective solution.

For more information or to kickstart your property management journey with us, contact us today.


Tom Derrig

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